The GOOS -2030 Strategy

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  • Compréhension intégrée du fonctionnement de l'océan global (hauturier, profond, global)
  • Services pour la société et pour le développement durable
  • Renforcer les approches collaboratives et la structuration des partages du local au global
  • Développement d'une gestion raisonnée de la donnée
  • Favorisation des innovations technologiques/procédés pour une mesure intelligente
  • Rôle de l'Intelligence Artificielle
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"Learn why global ocean observing systems are necessary to enable resilient and sustainable blue economies."

Our ocean, seas and coastal regions are critical to life on Earth, and a rapidly expanding ‘blue economy’ estimated to be worth $3–6 trillion per year. The cumulative impacts of climate change, development, pollution and overfishing are however placing considerable stress on our marine environment. We now know that the trajectory of change and damage threatens the future of our planet and all those that live on it. Achieving sustainability at global, regional and locals scales will now require a comprehensive understanding of the current and projected state of our ocean, seas and coasts- an understanding attainable only through expanded ocean observations.

While we have made significant improvements in our ability to observe and understand the oceans over the past three decades, our current efforts fall well short of what will be required. This report, produced by UNESCO's Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) expert panel, provides a case and recommendations for designing, building and widening the use of the global ocean observation and information systems.
TheGoos2030Strategy (Ressources)
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